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CHDP Dental Resources

During a CHDP Examination, a child is evaluated for his/her dental health, advice is given regarding dental hygiene and fluoride supplementation. Children three years and older are referred for routine dental care. However, the CHDP Program does not have funding to pay for dental care. The Program does refer families for insurance coverage through Medi-Cal and Healthy Families. 

The CHDP Program does make referrals to California Children Service (CCS) when there are major orthodontic or craniofacial (skull and facial bones) problems. Click on CCS Orthodontia Clinic for details.

The following is a partial list of dentists in the area currently accepting Medi-Cal. This list is subject to change at any time. You may also call the state Denti-Cal office at 1-800-322-6384. If you have questions, please call the CHDP office at 831-763-8932.

Dentists in Santa Cruz

Dentists in Watsonville

Dientes Community Dental Clinic
1830 Commercial Way, Santa Cruz, Ca 95065
831-464-5409 Age/Edad: All ages

Dr. Sofia Espinoza
21 Brennan Street, #1, Watsonville
831-722-2727 Age/Edad: 5 years/años +

Santa Cruz Dental Group
Dr. Ballan Tuck, 831-426-2296
Dr. David Madsen, 831-426-3581
Dr. McGraw, 831-426-2296
Dr. Richard Robinson, 831-426-6539
Mission & Rigg Streets, Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060
Information, 831-426-3535
Age/Edad: 3 ½ years/años +

Dr. H. Asadi
94 Mariposa, Watsonville
831-722-4292 Age/Edad: 2 years/años +

Dentists on Duty
Dr. Robert Paraiso

284 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 1
Watsonville, CA 95076
Age/Edad: 3 years/años +


Dr. Muir
Santa Cruz: 831-426-6550
Watsonville: 831-724-7939

Dr. J.V. Reddy
40 Penny Lane, Watsonville
Age/Edad: 5 years/años +

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Terry Slaughter
230 Green Valley Road, Freedom
831-728-3663 Age/Edad: 8 mos/meses +

Family Dental Centers

Dr. Deepok Sachdev
122 Thicket Lane, Freedom
831-724-6000 Age/Edad: 3 years/años +


(Children’s dental specialists/Especialistas dental de niños)            

Dr. Melanie Martin
236 Oak Meadow Dr., Los Gatos, Ca.

Dr. Siras Akhbari
259 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, Ca.

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