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CalWORKs Case Management

CalWORKs case managers interview and assess HRA Welfare-to-Work referrals for substance abuse issues. They make referrals for treatment as needed and follow-up and assist with any barriers to treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I admit that I have an alcohol or drug problem will my children be taken from me?
    No, your children will not be removed from your home unless there is evidence of neglect or endangerment.
  • Will I be denied cash aid if I admit to an alcohol or drug problem?
    No, your cash aid will not be denied unless you are convicted of a felony.
  • How much will I have to pay for substance abuse treatment?
    CalWORKs will pay for your treatment in outpatient and residential programs.
  • If I have to go to a residential treatment program, what will happen to my children?
    Your children will be taken care of while you are in residential treatment. Your input will be important when deciding where your children will live temporarily. It is preferable that you select a family member who can care for them. If you do not have a family member or friend who can, your CPS Worker can assist you with a "voluntary placement" process, that entails temporarily giving up custody of your children until you have successfully completed your program.
  • Will transportation or childcare be provided help me to get to treatment?
    CalWORKs may provide you with up to $65 extra each month as a transportation allowance to attend treatment or any other approved activity in your "welfare to work" plan. Childcare can also be arranged.
  • Do you have Spanish speaking staff?
    Yes, there are Spanish speaking staff in CalWORKs and many of the treatment programs to which you could be referred.
Contact Information

North County

(831) 454-4188 or
(831) 454-3487

South County

(831) 763-8865