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Transition Age Youth Team (18-25 Year Olds)

The Transition Age Youth Team (TAY) is part of Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency's Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division.

"Our mission is to support and maintain individuals 
at the highest level of independent function possible."

This is a Full Service Partnership team funded by the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63). This team provides services for young adults who are entering into the Adult Mental Health System of Care. By providing education for young adults and their families, the hope is that they will learn how to live with a mental illness while being mainstreamed into the community with their peers. A primary goal is to help people stabilize their individual symptoms so that they can maintain their independence and live in the community with natural supports. Linkages will be made for social integration, employment and education as well as physical health and substance abuse services. The team embraces a “what ever it takes” approach.

They are staffed with a psychiatrist, three licensed therapists and five care coordinators. This team serves all of Santa Cruz County with Bilingual services. Assistance is available 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday in a variety of settings, including private homes, schools, residential care facilities, acute hospitals, facilities for the homeless, and other settings. Referrals into this program are made by calling the Access Team at: (800) 952-2335.

The Transition Age Youth Program provides the following services:

  • Clinical services to young adults (18 until they turn 25) will be provided to individuals with a serious and persistent mental disability
  • Mobile assessment and treatment for Santa Cruz County residents, adults 18-25 years with acute mental health problems.
  • Authorizes and oversees the provision of mental health services to Santa Cruz County Medi-Cal recipients meeting medical necessity criteria and serves those at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or in need of mental health treatment.

Crisis Services include:

  • Information and referral for young adults
  • Mental health assessments and consultation
  • Crisis counseling and intervention
  • Medication evaluation and monitoring 
  • Evaluation for hospitalization/partial hospitalization

Psychiatrist monitoring includes:

  • Physician referral for medication consultation and/or treatment for young adults on Medicare and Medi-Cal., Indigent and long-term assessment and medication monitoring.
  • Assessment for LPS conservatorship.

Care Coordination includes:

  • Assists young adults diagnosed with a major mental illness to assist with integration in the community which may include school, employment, social networks and housing.
  • Assists with socialization and life management skills.
  • Assists to access physical health care and other community supports.
  • Offers liaison and advocacy.
  • Interfaces with family and other supports.
  • Medication monitoring.
  • Monitoring of individuals on LPS Conservatorship.

Services are billed to the individual's insurance, such as Medi-Cal or Medi-Caid.


For information about making a referral to the Transition Age Youth Team Program call:

1400 Emeline Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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