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Homeless Persons Health Project

Outreach - Primary Health Care
Advocacy - Substance Use Concerns - Case Management

The Homeless Persons Health Project (HPHP) provides services throughout Santa Cruz County to homeless or marginally housed youth, adults, and families with children. Due to their unstable lives and the fragmented and inadequate health care system, people who are homeless frequently find their health problems to be multiple, inter-related, chronic, and difficult to resolve. As a group, homeless persons are at risk to receive care that is both inadequate and unnecessarily costly. Opportunities to prevent health problems or to prevent problems from becoming more serious are frequently lost. Unresolved health, mental health, and substance use disorders undoubtedly sabotage efforts by homeless persons to rebuild their lives.


Services Provided - Client Eligibility - Referrals
Community Health Outreach Services 
Outreach Sites and Homeless Service Agencies
Resources for Homeless People in Santa Cruz--via 2-1-1

HPHP works alongside homeless adults and youth through case management during times of need or crisis, relationships are built which contrast the abandonment and violence which have often characterized the significant relationships of the past. By supporting homeless persons through a process of making thoughtful decisions and choices over time about health, substance use, or related issues, we observe them building the skills needed to access services on their own and to improve their health, economic and social stability, and prospects for the future.

HPHP staff and clinics provide assistance to over 3,000 individuals per year. A few are seen only once or twice, others work intensively with staff for months. Many others not included in this number receive supplies, information, and referral to other services.

HPHP has been funded as a federally funded Health Care for the Homeless Program since 1989. Matching funds are provided by the County of Santa Cruz. Generous donations throughout the year from community members help to provide homeless individuals with food, supplies, and basic necessities while they recuperate from illness or injury.


Services Provided by HPHP and Partnering Agencies:

  • Information & Referrals - Connections to services for: health, mental health, substance abuse, shelter, social services, housing, benefit programs, food, and other services. Walk up information and referral services and toll-free assistance by phone.
  • Benefits Advocacy - Assistance in establishing eligibility for health insurance and income support programs.
  • Access to Medical Care - Guidance and practical assistance in accessing medical care. Access to care for uninsured individuals through a special program within MediCruz for most types of outpatient medical services. Eligibility can be established through both HPHP and MediCruz staff. Primary Care is provided through County General Medical Clinics and referral providers in Santa Cruz and Watsonville, and through a contract with Salud Para La Gente in the Pajaro area of Monterey County. After-hours and emergency care are provided through hospital emergency rooms and reimbursed through MediCruz.
  • Medical Care and Treatment - Special funding is available for medical care for homeless adults/children at the following locations (please call to make same-day or next-day appointments): 
    • Coral Street Clinic - (831) 454-2080 
      115-A Coral St., Santa Cruz, CA.
    • Santa Cruz Emeline Health Center - (831) 454-4100
      1080 Emeline Ave., Santa Cruz, CA.
    • Watsonville Crestview Health Center -  (831) 763-8400
      9 Crestview, Watsonville, CA.
    • Santa Cruz Women's Health Center - (831) 427-3500
      250 Locust St., Santa Cruz, CA.
    • Planned Parenthood (Westside Clinic) - (831) 426-5550
      1119 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA.
    • Planned Parenthood (Clinical Mariposa) - (831) 724-7525
      40 Penny Lane, Watsonville, CA.
    • Oral Health Care (Provided by Dientes Community Dental Clinic) - (831) 464-5409
      1830 Commercial Way, Santa Cruz, CA.  Call for appointment, some walk-in appointments available. Referrals for uninsured individuals are made by HPHP nurses.

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Client Eligibility

Those eligible for the above services include youth, adults and families in Santa Cruz County who are:

  • Living without shelter
  • Living in substandard structures, threatening to health or safety shelter, under crowded conditions
  • Staying in a shelter or transitional housing program
  • Housed in a residential alcohol and drug treatment program with no stable housing to go to upon program completion

* Proof of legal residency is not a requirement.

Referrals to HPHP

Staff respond to referrals and requests for assistance from hospitals, clinics, many community programs, as well as from private citizens. Referrals can be made by either calling our project directly at 831-454-2080, or by directing clients to our next most convenient outreach site or office hours. 

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Community Health Outreach Services Throughout Santa Cruz County

Much of the work of the project takes place out in the community at outreach sites located near food and shelter programs, homeless camping areas, motels, etc. 

  • HPHP distributes a monthly outreach calendar which includes scheduled Nursing Office Hours at the Coral Street office, as well as days and times of scheduled outreach sites throughout the county to which clients can be referred during the month. Call to have an outreach calendar mailed to your office each month.
  • Drop-in social work and nurse hours are scheduled weekly at the Coral Street office. The 115-A Coral Street office is open to homeless persons for hygiene and prevention supplies and information about HPHP and other community services 8-12 and 1-5 Monday through Thursday; 8-12 and 1-3 Friday.
  • Services Provided at Community Outreach Sites:
    • Nursing health assessments
    • Help with self-care for injury or illness (including supplies and OTC medications)
    • Teaching about health concerns, harm reduction, and self care
    • Establishing eligibility for medical overage and referral to clinics
    • Information and referral
    • Outreach, counseling and referral regarding alcohol and drug use
    • Case management   

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Homeless Community Outreach Sites & Key Service Agencies

North County Area

  • Davenport Ag Labor Residences
    Davenport Resource Service Center
    100 Church Street, Davenport
  • Valley Resource Center
     PO Box 105, Ben Lomond


Santa Cruz City Area

  • Dominican Hospital
     1555 Soquel Road, Santa Cruz
  • Elm Street Mission
     117 Elm St, Santa Cruz
  • Homeless Community Resource Center
     115 Coral St., Santa Cruz
  • Homeless Garden Project
     101 Washington St., Santa Cruz
  • InterFaith Satellite Shelter Program
     115 Coral St., Santa Cruz pick-up point.
  • Janus, Inc.
     200 7th Ave., Santa Cruz
  • MHCAN (Mental Health
     Community Action Network)
     1051 Cayuga St., Santa Cruz
  • Page Smith Community House
     111 Coral Street, Santa Cruz
  • Rebele Family Shelter
     115-B Coral St., Santa Cruz
     458-6020 x1101  
  • River Street Shelter
     115-C Coral St., Santa Cruz
  • Santa Cruz AIDS Project
     Drop-In Center
     412 Front Street, Santa Cruz
  • St. Francis Kitchen
     2051 Mora St., Santa Cruz

Watsonville City Area

  • La Flor de Valle Storefront
    100 Union St., Watsonville
  • Loaves & Fishes Meal Program
    150 Second St., Watsonville
  • Pajaro Valley Shelter Services
    115 Brennan St., Watsonville
  • Salud Para La Gente Health Clinic
    204 E. Beach St., Watsonville
  • Salvation Army
    Homeless Shelter Program
    112 Grant St., Watsonville
  • Watsonville Community Hospital
    75 Nielson Street, Watsonville

Pajaro Area

  • Pajaro Rescue Mission
    111 Railroad, Pajaro

North and South County Locations

  • Community Action Board
    (Motel Shelter for Medical Emergencies)
    501 Soquel Ave., Suite E, Santa Cruz
    406 Main St., Suite #217, Watsonville
  • County General Medical Clinics
    1080 Emeline Ave., Santa Cruz
    9 Crestview, Watsonville


*A Project of Community Health and Prevention Programs
(Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency)

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Contact Information

Homeless Persons Health Project (HPHP)

115-A Coral St.
Santa Cruz, CA. 95060
(located at Rebele Family Shelter Building at Highway 1 and River St.) 

(831) 454-2080
Toll Free 
(866) 731-HPHP (4747)