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CARe Team Service Descriptions

Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (HSA) Early Intervention Services Program (EIS) Services for HIV+ People:

Our Services

Providers & Locations

How to get an appointment


Nurse and Social Worker Case Management (help with medical care, medication access and management, home care referrals and coordination, psychosocial issues.

The CARe Team Public Health Nurses and social workers, at The Health Services Agency, providers’ offices, clients’ homes, etc.

Call CARe Team
(831) 454-4730 for appointment.

Available to all HIV+ people residing with County of Santa Cruz (HSA and private physicians’ patients.)
Bilingual: English/Spanish.
No cost.

Outpatient Medical Care (including lab, x-ray, pharmacy, and AIDS Drug Assistance Program/ADAP)

Both HSA General Medical Clinics (North County and Watsonville)

Call the HSA General Medical clinic directly for appointments or
Call CARe Team for more information
(831) 454-4730.

HSA Clinic visits are covered by:

  • Medi-Cal
  • Low-cost sliding scale
  • Early Intervention Services (EIS)

Call CARe Team for more information (831) 454-4730.

Medical Care by Specialists (eyes, skin, stomach, etc.)

Community physicians who work with HSA, at various locations.

Referral by primary care providers.

Primary care provider makes referral. Cost: usually covered by primary care pay source.

If no insurance you may be eligible to apply for MediCruz or EIS.

Dental Care

(prevention and treatment)
  • Dientes Community Dental Clinic
  • If you have Medi-Cal you have the option to use a private provider who accepts Medi-Cal.
  • If you have private dental insurance you can use a private provider in your dental plan.

Call the Care Team for referral to Dientes.

Available to all qualified HIV+ people who reside with County of Santa Cruz. Must register at The CARE Team to get referral to Dientes.

Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (therapy, psychiatric, medications).

Private therapists (counselors) and psychiatrist who work with The CARE Team.

Call CARe Team — (831) 454-4730. Ask for a mental health referral. Can also be referred by physician or other provider with client’s permission.

Available to all HIV+ people who reside within County of Santa Cruz.

Nutritionist/Dietitian (counseling and body composition analysis.)

Registered Dietitian, at HSA

Call CARe Team — (831) 454-4730 to arrange an appointment with the dietitian.

Available to all HIV+ people who reside with County of Santa Cruz. Must register at HSA. Bilingual using interpreter. Free.

Contact Information

For more information about CARe Team services, call:

(831) 454-4730
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5 PM