What is Contact Tracing?

With the omicron variant spreading more rapidly than variants before it, our contact tracing team is doing all that they can to help prevent spread before it can occur.

You may receive a text from our contact tracing team. Here is what a text message from us looks like:

Those who receive this text message are receiving it because our contact tracers are trying to reach them about a possible COVID-19 case or exposure. The link in the text goes to a secure website run by the State of California (caconnected.cdph.ca.gov).

We need to collect vital information for COVID-19 contact tracing and give important information about COVID-19 exposure. We can also connect people to resources to keep themselves and their families safe.

The sooner a recipient responds, the sooner they can get important information, advice, and support for their specific situation. Our contact tracers are here to help.

How do I know if this text message is legitimate or a scam?

  • The text is from the phone number 23393
  • The text links to a state of California website called California Connected (caconnected.cdph.ca.gov)
  • The Public Health department can verify the text after calling 916-262-7553

Below is a series of screenshots showing what a recipient can expect to see after receiving the original text:


Q&A Regarding Answering the Text from 23393

For more information about COVID-19 contact tracing see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81Pdn_TMkEc

Thank you to everyone who continues to do their part to stop the spread. Let us all continue working together in the fight against COVID-19