Emeline Ave. Walk

Quick Walk #1 (Pink)


  • 15-minute walk
  • .65 miles
  • Hilly


Start at rear of 1080 Emeline

  • Walk uphill to 1060 Emeline
  • Walk down Emeline Ave and walk up the hill on Wendell Street.
  • At the top of the hill, Wendell will dead end into Plymouth. Turn right on Plymouth.
  • Take the immediate next right onto Sutphen Street.
  • Walk down the hill on Sutphen till you reach Emeline Avenue. Turn left on Emeline and head back to 1080 Emeline.

How to make this walk longer...


  • 1 mile


  • Start the same as above: Emeline to Wendell to Plymouth to Sutphen.
  • When you reach the bottom of the hill on Sutphen, turn right on Emeline.
  • Take the next right on Wendell and repeat the loop.

Quick Walk #2 (Yellow)


  • 15-minute walk
  • .65 miles
  • Slightly hilly


Start at front of 1080 Emeline

  • Walk downhill towards HWY 1 on Emeline
  • Go left at Lee St.
  • Walk to the end of Lee St.
  • Turn around and return back to 1080 Emeline using the same route.