Healthy Snacks

Tips for Planning Healthy (and Tasty) Meetings! 

Snacks are part of most of our lives, and are usually offered at meetings and other gatherings. Why not provide some healthier options at your next meeting? Help your friends and workmates live a healthier lifestyle. Send us your ideas.

Snack ideas for your next meeting

Instead of: Try:
Doughnuts 1/2 bagel with low-fat cream cheese or hummus
Croissants Soft pretzels
Butter cookies Gingersnaps, vanilla wafers, or graham crackers
Fried tortilla chips Baked tortilla chips with salsa or black bean dip
Chocolate chip cookies Fig bars
Cupcakes Fat-free muffins
Soda 100% fruit juice, iced tea, water
Creamy dips Hummus

Do you have a good meeting recipe idea? Please send to us for future publication

Healthy Ideas

  • Water (stay hydrated)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (spice it up with a low fat dressing or dip)
  • Dried fruit such as raisins, cranberries, tomatoes (yes tomatoes are are fruit!)
  • Bagels, include whole grain ones
  • Fruit juices (100% juice), no added sugars, small servings
  • Pita bread, include whole wheat variety
  • Raw/lightly roasted almonds, sunflower seeds along with a fresh salad
  • Low-fat crackers, pretzels, graham crackers
  • Low-fat and fat-free yogurt
  • Spreads:
    • low-fat cream cheese
    • hummus
    • fruit spreads
  • Low-fat dips and dressings:
    • bean dip
    • salsas (fresh tomato, salsa verde, fruit salsa)
    • hummus
    • tzaziki sauce (from Trader Joe's)
    • honey almond dressing (see recipe in right column)