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Outpatient and Counseling Services  

OUTPATIENT programs provide counseling and various levels of treatment for persons addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Typically programs meet on a weekly basis and help individuals remain sober while learning about the nature of addiction. However, some intensive outpatient or day treatment programs may meet several times a week for 3 or more hours per session. Most programs use 12-step recovery resources and tools.

Substance abuse counselors may be trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques used to address a wide range of issues, including depression, suicidal impulses, stress management, problems with self-esteem, issues associated with family, parenting, and marital or other relationship problems that are either associated with or underlie the addictive behavior. Typically, counseling sessions will include family members at some point in the therapeutic process to help them recognize behaviors and problems related to addiction.

These programs are designed to help develop abstinence skills and interrupt a pattern of addictive behavior. Usually, family members and/or significant others are included in some kind of family support program. Most programs use one- or two-hour group sessions organized around recovery topics that reinforce relapse prevention.

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9055 Soquel Drive, Suite E
Aptos, CA 95003

(831) 476-4656
(831) 662-0636 - fax


Intervention for alcohol and drug abuse, a family process organized to address denial in a positive loving way, aimed at breaking through the defenses of the addict and getting him/her into treatment. Outpatient alcohol/drug counseling is primarily on an individual basis, short term, with family and relationship counseling available as needed. Insurance accepted. Medi-Cal not accepted.

Bilingual services are not available. Disabled Accessibility: none

Contact: Susan and Barry Wells.

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716 Ocean St., Suite 200
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 423-2003
Contact: J'Ann Rains

585 Auto Center Dr.
Watsonville, CA 95076
(831) 728-2233
Contact: Rose George

Comprehensive outpatient chemical dependency program providing prevention, early intervention and treatment services. Programs including Drug Prevention, Employee Assistance Programs, Drug Deferred Judgement, First and Multiple Offense Drinking Driver Programs. Services include assessment and referral; individual, family and group counseling; public presentations; training/consultation. Emphasis on services to populations with special needs, such as Latinos, women, and criminal justice system referrals. Countywide services available in English or Spanish. Fees based on ability to pay. Component of the Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center. Disabled Accessibility: Wheelchair (partially), parking. Se Habla Español 
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1350 41st Ave. Suite 101
Capitola, CA 95010

(831) 465-7100

Vocational rehabilitation services: counseling, job training, and job placement for persons' disabled by alcoholism. Must have documented 60 days sobriety. Bilingual services available. Disabled Accessibility: Wheelchair, parking, interpreter for deaf.

Contact: Diane Berry-Wahrer, Rehabilitation Supervisor

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3192 Glen Canyon Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

(831) 438-1868 or
(800) 924-2879


Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP) are three nights per week for eight weeks with family groups bimonthly and individual counseling bimonthly. Private insurance accepted, wheelchair accessible, no bilingual or hearing impaired services.

Contact: Casey McElwee, (831) 438-1868

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(831) 818-9132


Never alone...making recovery a partnership

Coach for Recovery offers comprehensive services for people seeking recovery, emphasizing on Recovery Coaching, Interventions, and Counseling. We bring a unique and powerful approach to serving people based on many years of practice and a deep insight into human nature. We will work with you on a one-on-one basis to guide you through the difficult task of recovery.

Contact: Monique Cook, founder and owner

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147 S. River St. Suite 234-A
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 234-2010


Coastal Turning Point provides integrated behavioral health care that meets the differing needs of the community with an individualized approach, and various evidence-based treatments. This wellness center offers individual, group and family counseling as well as intensive outpatient and day treatment for substance abuse offered to teens and adults. Comprehensive testing for brain health, Biofeedback and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) are also available for whom it is appropriate.

Contact: Cassia Bloom or Shawm Smith

5905 Soquel Dr. #300
Soquel, CA 95073

(831) 462-3271


Compassionate, confidential intervention and counseling with sensitivity to individual and family needs. Strategies for all areas and levels of substance related problems. Services include: formal interventions, recovery counseling, SAP services, assessments, family strategies to stop or moderate an individual's substance use, education on effects of substance use and recovery, resource identification, harm reduction, and medication management options. Some insurance and sliding scale available.

Contact: Mark Kalemos LCSW, SAP

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200 7th Ave., Suite 150
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(831) 462-1060


For over 30 years, Janus of Santa Cruz has helped thousands of people find their way out of alcohol and drug addiction and into healthy and productive lives. We offer help, hope and results to individuals and families in need of alcoholism rehabilitation, drug detoxification and opiate addiction treatment. Janus provides a variety of alcohol and drug rehab options designed for individual needs, from Outpatient Services and Short-term Detoxification to Extended Residential Treatment and ongoing medical treatment for opiate addiction at the Janus Community Clinic. Our Perinatal Program offers both residential and day programs for drug and alcohol dependent pregnant women and new mothers. And our two Sober Living Environments provide short-term as well as long-term stays. Insurance accepted. Medi-Cal accepted for Perinatal treatment. Santa Cruz residents may be eligible for no cost services. Wheelchair accessible. Bilingual. Se Habla Español 
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707 Fair Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 427-1007 or
(831) 458-1668
Fax (831) 454-0545

Residential/Inpatient/Outpatient/Day Treatment services. Twelve step social model. Variable length of stay, six months or more. Clean and sober transitional housing. Relapse prevention, Alcohol and Drug education, case management, and after care. Group, individual and crisis counseling. Emphasis on low income single adults and families. Children may stay with their parents during treatment. Treatment scheduling adjustable to allow programming-residents to keep "outside" jobs. Bilingual/Multi-Cultural. Disabled accessible. Flexible sliding scale fee structure, starting at $21.00 a day. Insurance payees and SSI recipients accepted. Criminal Justice referrals.Se Habla Español

Contact: Emmanuel DeNike

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335 E. Lake Ave.
Watsonville, CA 95076

(831) 728-6445

Comprehensive school-based alcohol and drug abuse prevention services, K-12 curriculum, intervention program, and parent education. Disabled Accessibility: Wheelchair, parking wheelchair, and interpreter for deaf available. Medi-Cal accepted. 
Se Habla Español

Contact: Jenny T. Sarmiento

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105 Post Office Dr., Suite F
Aptos, CA 95003

(831) 476-1747

An outpatient program for adults which offers the following treatment options: Intensive Day Treatment, Intensive Evening Treatment, Relapse Prevention Treatment, Women's Relapse Prevention and Psychotherapy Group, as well as individual and/or family therapy for clients and their loved ones. Sobriety Works has clean and sober residences available for treatment and non-treatment clients. Our staff has extensive experience working with probation and the court system. Treatment is funded via private pay, insurance and through county funds (Prop.36). Payment plans are available.

Contact: Sarah Cooper, Director
sobrietyworks@sobrietyworks. com

Santa Cruz Mountains
Los Gatos, CA

(877) 978-2747


Summit Estate Outpatient tailors a sophisticated approach for the treatment of addiction and co-occuring disorders utilizing a well-rounded, individualized plan that addresses all aspects of addiction. Program highlights include intensive individual therapy, One-on-one addiction counseling, Meals prepared by gourmet chefs, evidenced-based treatment methods: including Relapse Prevention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, daily process groups and education sessions, both 12-step and alternative treatment modalities offered, licensed therapist and certified addiction counselors and a customized family program. Visit our Website for more information, or call to speak with our Admissions department.


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709 Mission St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 429-8350

241 E. Lake Ave.
Watsonville, CA 95076
(831) 688-8856


Outpatient Counseling services for youth (ages 12-18) with drug and alcohol abuse problems. Individual, group, and family counseling. Sliding fee scale. Bilingual services available. Disabled Accessibility: Wheelchair, Parking. Medi-Cal accepted. Se Habla Español

Contact: Bree Grant (Watsonville) (831) 688-8856
or Roxan McDonald (Santa Cruz) (831) 429-8350

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Referral resource information on this website is provided as a courtesy to the public and does not imply endorsement of the providers or services by the County or the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission. Full Disclaimer...

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