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Santa Cruz County Breastfeeding Coalition

Kimlin McDaniel-Keith, PHN MS
Phone: (831) 454-4331 

"The Santa Cruz County Breastfeeding Coalition (BFC) is committed to optimizing the health of mothers and babies by encouraging breastfeeding friendly attitudes, policies, and images in the community, recognizing the impact of birthing practices on breastfeeding, and promoting breastfeeding education and supportive practices among women and their families, health professionals and the community."

Goals and Objectives
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Local Breastfeeding Advice - Educational Materials

Web Resources: Breastfeeding Mothers/Families - Advocacy/Policy - Health Care Professionals - Workplace


Download the Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Policies Template in Microsoft Word
Employers can customize this template to fit their individual workplaces.

Overall Goals and Objectives

  • Promote breastfeeding-friendly policies and practices in Santa Cruz County, including those promoted by mother friendly and baby friendly initiatives.

  • Conduct outreach and education to health care professionals, schools, businesses and the community.

  • Promote positive media coverage of breastfeeding issues and events.

  • Advocate for and facilitate ongoing support for Latina mothers and families to increase breastfeeding rates and duration among the population.

  • Support and participate in community events that promote breastfeeding and breastfeeding awareness.

  • Facilitate resource sharing and collaboration among agencies and programs that provide health-related services to women and their families.

  • Conduct data collection and evaluation to identify local trends in breastfeeding rates and related issues.

  • Conduct grant writing and other fundraising activities to provide financial support for Coalition activities.

When the Coalition Meets

The BFC traditionally meets on the 2nd Thursday of every other month at Watsonville Community Hospital. Please contact Corinne Highland, MPH at 454-7558.

Local Breastfeeding Advice

Educational Materials in English and Spanish from WIC

Links for Breastfeeding Mothers / Families

Web Sites About Breastfeeding

Advocacy / Policy Links

Links for Healthcare Professionals


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