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The Communicable Disease Unit’s (CDU) mission is to reduce the incidence of communicable diseases in Santa Cruz County through prevention, surveillance, identification of the source of the pathogen and implementation of control measures. The CDU responds, according to mandate, to reports of over 80 serious infectious diseases including agents of bioterrorism.
A team of highly skilled public health workers coordinate disease control and prevention activities in a wide variety of settings throughout the community. 

Ongoing goals of the Communicable Disease Unit includes the following:

Communicable Disease Surveillance and Control

  • Conduct surveillance for over 80 diseases and disease syndromes.

  • Reduce the behaviors and practices that contribute to illness and loss of health.

  • Reduce infectious diseases.

  • Investigates reports of disease outbreaks and implement control measures to stop the spread in the community.

  • Produce quarterly and annual reports about disease prevalence.

  • Develop and implement  plans to respond to Public Health emergencies.

Public Education

  • Proactively educate and address concerns and inquiries of the news media on communicable diseases.

  • Promote the well being of the elderly, those with disabilities, or chronic illness.

  • Educate the public about immunization programs and promote health for all children, adolescents and their families.


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