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-- Coordinated Care Teams and Specialized Services --

Coordinated Care Treatment Teams

Coordinated Care Services are provided by Santa Cruz County Mental Health to individuals with a serious and persistent major mental illness (such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) at the direction of an Access Team Care Coordinator. The staff is organized into teams in order to better coordinate care and meet the complex needs of persons receiving services.

  • All teams have an on-duty, on-call officer, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to the North County teams occurs via referrals from the Access Team but may also be upon referral from the Santa Cruz County Psychiatric Health Facility  or Partial Hospital.
  • The teams provide 24-hour, on-call services, 7 days per week in addition to regular weekday services of medication, rehabilitation, therapy, and case management.

Specialized County Mental Health Services

  • Jail Mental Health Services are provided only at the Jail on Water Street, which is a maximum-security facility. Services are available 8 hours a day, seven days a week. An assigned psychiatrist is available Monday-Friday for medication services. There is a 24-hour, on-call capacity for psychiatric coverage. For more information call (831) 454-5155
    • Frequently Asked Questions - Click on your language preference for general information regarding jail mental services, court information, things you need to know regarding visiting family, friends in jail or accessing mental health services outside of jail: English Spanish
    • Jail Crisis Intervention Team Referral - If you would like to refer someone who is currently in custody to the Crisis Intervention Team click on your language preference to submit a referral form: English Spanish or call (831) 454-2865 and speak with the crisis worker or leave a detailed message. Please understand the staff is prohibited by law from giving anyone information without a signed release of information from the client.
  • Maintaining Ongoing Stability through Treatment (MOST) team is a Forensic Assertive Community Treatment program (FACT) that combines an evidence-based program of wrap around mental health services inclusive of case management, psychiatry, psychotherapy and employment skill development with additional supports specific to the criminal justice system involvement such as probation, court discharge planning and disposition, liaison relations with law enforcement and jail correctional staff. Mental Health clinicians work in concert with Probation staff that are co-located at the mental health services offices. Detailed service delivery plans are developed to address the mental health needs of the consumer, as well as skill development to reduce and refrain from criminal activity and reduce recidivism with in the criminal justice system. For more information about the MOST team call (831) 454-7541.
  • The Downtown Outreach Worker is a contracted position with the Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center (SCCCC) for homeless outreach in the downtown corridor. Services provided include homeless outreach, brokerage and linkage to service, support for local business, street intervention and crisis services.
  • The Public Guardian is under the direction of the County's Human Resource Agency and works collaboratively with mental health to act as LPS Conservator for Santa Cruz County residents. This office may also act as Representative Payee for an individual whose physician or psychiatrist determines he/she is unable to manage their Social Security, SSI and/or Veteran's Administration income. The Public Guardian may be appointed Probate Conservator by the court for individuals who do not meet the criteria for LPS conservator ship when there is no one else qualified to act as conservator.
  • Santa Cruz Police Department Liaison provides rapid response to calls for mental health support and crisis intervention from SCPD, for individuals living in the City of Santa Cruz, with an emphasis on those living downtown. This position attends various meetings including: Downtown Improvement Task Force, SCPD Parks Team Meetings, and City Hall Meetings.

Services Provided by County Staff and Contract Partnerships

  • Community Support Services provides a special emphasis on the dual diagnosed population and clients living in supported housing. They provide crisis, rehabilitation, case management services, and are also on-call after hours, weekends and holidays. The program is located at 290 Pioneer Street in Santa Cruz and can be reached at (831) 459-0444.
  • County Mental Health Adult Services  provides walk-in crisis services Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm to adults through Access Services and through mental health service teams (for individuals currently enrolled in team services). After-hours on-call services for psychiatry and case management are provided after regular business hours, on weekends and holidays for individuals currently receiving services through County Mental Health.
  • The Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health Center provides 24 hour crisis and in-patient services. The Crisis Stabilization Program provides crisis assessment, crisis intervention and disposition planning for individuals experiencing a psychiatric emergency for both voluntary and involuntary individuals. The Santa Cruz County Psychiatric Health Facility provides inpatient treatment to individuals experiencing a prolonged psychiatric emergency both voluntary and involuntary individuals.

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